Promenadeplatz 2-6, 80333 Munich

In the 90s, Michael visited Munich so often that he started calling it his second home! His favorite place to stay in the city was hotel Bayerisher Hof. If you talk to local fans, they can show you the exact windows of the suite occupied by Michael at the top floor and tell you many fun stories about his quirks and famous “window games.”

The day after Michael passed, Munich fans flocked to the hotel and turned one of the statues in front of it into an impromptu memorial to Michael. The statue actually portrays Renaissance composer Orlande de Lassus, but since 2009 it has become a monument to one more great musician. Authorities did not object to the makeshift memorial, so it has been remaining at the same spot for several years now. Local fans oversee it and bring fresh flowers, pictures and candles every day. The memorial has since been included in Munich guides, and become a tourist attraction. Nowadays, near the memorial you can find leaflets in several languages answering frequently asked questions about MJ’s life and career and dispelling common misconceptions.

Backwaren & Cafe Michl
Häberlstraße 19, 80337 Munich

The owner of this bakery and coffee shop in Munich is a big Michael Jackson fan. The shop is decorated with MJ photos and memorabilia.

Phantasialand, Berggeiststraße 31, 50321 Brühl

If you ever find yourself at Phantasialand in Brühl, take a ride on “Colorado Adventure – the Michael Jackson thrill ride”! Michael’s love for roller coasters is widely known. He visited Phantasialand amusement park in Brühl many times and said that it was his “favourite park in Europe.” The roller coaster was named in honor of Michael, and on May 11th 1996 he himself inaugurated it.

Ratzdorf, Neißemünde, Germany

Michael heard about the 1997 Oder floods which destroyed the dike and many houses in the lowlands, and donated 32,000 mark for the “kindergarten in Ratzdorf.” However there was no kindergarten in the village of Ratzdorf, so the community leaders, not wanting the donation to expire, built a playground with swings, slides and roundabouts. Michael’s name can be seen at the top of the donors list on the sign at the playground.

Thanks to: UK Loves MJ, julia95, Denkmal-fuer-Michael-Jackson

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2 Responses to Germany

  1. Heike says:

    in Leipzig wurde jedes Jahr der MJ World Cry Day organisiert und es gibt ein MJ Bäumchen auf dem Augustusplatz

  2. The Original and official Initiative and website of our Michael Jackson Memorial in Munich / Germany is:
    MJ´s LEGACY Association International e.V.
    Nena Snezana Akhtar – CEO & Founder

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