“I love all people of the world.” ~MJ

This blog is dedicated to memorials honoring Michael Jackson, and places associated with him around the world.

The author hopes that these pages will serve as a tour guide for travelers from different countries: That by visiting these places in years to come people will be reminded of a unique star that Michael was, of the L.O.V.E. he brought to the world; and the young generation will be inspired to discover his magic through his music and films. To Michael Jackson fans: Remember that wherever in the world you find yourself, there are like-minded people and you are not alone.

Let these manifests of Michael’s worldwide legacy be a demonstration of how much he is respected, missed and loved in all corners of our big planet.

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South Africa

151 Rossettenville Road, Johannesburg, 2190

One of the remaining HIStory promo statues of Michael Jackson stands in children’s park Santarama Miniland in Johannesburg, South Africa. The park was originally owned by South African National Tuberculosis Association (SANTA). After the completion of HIStory Tour in South Africa in 1997, Michael donated this promotional statue to SANTA to add to their park in order to help raise funds for tuberculosis sufferers. In 2012, local fans have restored the base of the statue and planted new grass around it.

Source: UK Loves MJ

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Dona Marta, Humaitá, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

One of the first statues honoring Michael Jackson was unveiled in Favela Santa Marta, Brazil, by Sergio Cabral, the governor of the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro. The statue commemorates Michael’s visit in 1995 when he was present for the recording of “They Don’t Care About Us” music video. The statue was placed on the very concrete slab where Michael Jackson danced in front of hundreds of residents for a scene in the video. Brazilian fans pay homage at the statue at events during the year, and thousands of visitors visit and photograph the statue each year. Watch the video


Near the statue, there is a large mosaic by Brazilian artist Romero Britto.


When Jackson came to Brazil to shoot the video, Rio’s local government became concerned that the singer would show the world an unflattering picture of poverty. “The video is about the people no one cares about,” says Claudia Silva, press liaison for Rio’s office of tourism. But Jackson’s visit actually spurred a positive change in the district. “This process to make Dona Marta better started with Michael Jackson,” Silva says. “Now it’s a safe favela. There are no drug dealers anymore, and there’s a massive social project. But all the attention started with Michael Jackson.”

Source: UK Loves MJ

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Camden Valley Way, Leppington NSW 2179, Australia

This plaque is a permanent feature at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Leppington, Sydney. The cemetery is named so because it is modeled after the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in California. In August 2009, a memorial service was held here for Michael and the plaque was installed on the initiative of Jason Jackson, a Michael Jackson impersonator. Jason had cancer as a child and spent 7 years in hospitals. Michael’s song “Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough” inspired Jason, and he credits Michael with saving his life.


4 Ballast Point Rd, Birchgrove NSW 2041, Australia

Among the love locks on display at the beach in Ballast Point Park, Sydney, there is a special section for Michael Jackson with locks containing messages from around the world.

Source: UK Loves MJ

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11100 Batu Ferringhi Beach, Penang, Malaysia

This statue of Michael Jackson sitting in a chair is at the Hard Rock Hotel in Penang, Malaysia. The hotel is inspired by Beatles, but features many other artists’ memorabilia including Michael’s. Hundreds of tourists have their photo taken with Michael sitting with the pride of a King in front of the hotel. The sculpture is designed by SCULPTUREATWORK Kuala Lumpur.

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Hong Kong, China

Shan Yuan, 178c Tsing Shan Tsuen, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

During Michael’s visit to the TVB City in Hong Kong in 1987, he met singer Alex To who spent time with Michael, had a photograph taken with him and some photos signed. After Michael died, Alex paid for a 1:1 scale copper statue to be placed in Shan Yuan, a beautiful temple located in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong. In front of the statue there is a plaque with Michael’s quote: “I keep on dancing and dancing… and dancing untill there is only… the dance.”

The statue was unveiled on October 7, 2009. Alex invited Jermaine’s wife Alejandra Jackson and daughter Genevieve Jackson to the ceremony (Jermaine could not attend due to a trip to India). Musician Howard McCrary, a friend of Michael’s who worked with him on Dangerous album and is now living in Hong Kong, sang “I’ll Be There” and helped with the unveiling. Video of the unveiling ceremony

Source: UK Loves MJ

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Macau, China

2/F, Ponte 16 Macau, China

Michael Jackson enthusiasts will be interested in seeing the fine, little collection (free to visit) found at the Sofitel Hotel, Macau at Ponte 16 Resort. On the 2nd floor, just above an MJ Cafe, you can find this small gallery with around 40 different Michael Jackson artifacts including the a white rhinestone glove worn by Michael during his ‘Billie Jean’ performance, crystal socks, fedora hat as well as a series of autograph photos and figures. Wall screens show old Michael Jackson videos and there is a small hall featuring a timeline of Michael’s musical career. Lastly, there is a small gift shop as well for those wanting to buy a Michael souvenir or two.



Source: mjworld.net

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Mainland China

Guangzhou Sculpture Park
545 Xiatang West Rd, Baiyun, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

A beautiful statue erected by MJ fans in Guangzhou Sculpture Park in Guangzhou City, capital of south China’s Guangdong Province. Michael visited a nearby town in the same province in 1987. Chinese fans donated 158,000 yuan ($23,000) to sculpt the bronze statue. This project was approved by the local government and installed on January 1, 2011. A ceremony was held on the inaugural day which also raised money for charities in order to spread Michael’s message of love. The statue is designed by sculptor Lu Zhenkang who later donated a copy of it for the USA.

Photo by Kerry Hennigan

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1丁目-57−1 Shimoishiwara
Chofu, Tokyo, Japan

This cool Michael Cafe & Bar is located at Chofu, Tokyo, Japan. The store has a beautiful ‘Michael’ themed interior throughout with many valuable MJ collections and where fans can come and relax over a coffee or food and watch 3D television, feeling close to Michael.

It is a small fan owned Cafe & Bar where they hold auctions and where a portion of the proceeds from the sale of food and beverages is donated to charity.

The store was inspired by the owner after watching ‘This Is It’. The owner says, “It is a small little store, but it is filled with love and respect for Michael.” They also state that fans have been coming since the cafe was open, but everybody is welcome. MJM Cafe & Bar’s mission is to help Michael’s legacy live on in the next generation.

Amongst other beverages, fans and customers can also treat themselves to cocktails that are named after some of Michael’s most popular songs such as “Heal The World”, “Billie Jean”, “Man In The Mirror” or “Beat It”.

On June the 25th, customers and fans adorned the shop with flowers and gifts as a tribute and in remembrance of Michael.

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Ahmetpaşa, a village in the district of Malkara, province Tekirdağ

MJTurkFan, the first and biggest Michael Jackson fan club in Turkey, in cooperation with Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion TEMA have planted a forest as a tribute to Michael Jackson in Northwest Turkey. The forest is planted with red pine seedlings on donations collected in 2009. The proudly standing sign at the newly seeded area symbolizes both a memorial to Michael and a continuation of his lifetime legacy of healing the world.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Michael.Jackson.Memorial.Forest

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Novinskiy boulevard, 27, Moscow, Russia

When Michael Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009, fans and citizens brought lots of flowers, photos and toys to the US Embassy in Moscow. After a few days, the impromptu memorial was removed, but the fence wall next to the embassy (near the statue of Russian singer Feodor Chaliapin) serves as a Michael Jackson memorial place to local fans ever since. Unfortunately, city officials do not allow having a permanent memorial there, but the wall always gets decorated on Michael’s birthday and the anniversary of his death.

Vasilyevskiy Spusk, Moscow, Russia

The famous photo of Michael leaning against a street lamp that later made a cover of “Stranger in Moscow” single, was made on Vasilyevsky spusk, a large square near the Moscow Kremlin. The street lamp is no longer there, but if you want to track down its exact spot, it is marked on the map below.

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